Hi! I'm Jacqueline!

My love - I’ve waited a long time to meet you! 

If I was any more excited about my work, I would spontaneously combust. Put another way: I am living my purpose.


This newfound nirvana I operate in—infused as it is with drive, passion and energy—is, of course, a kick-ass place to be. But I didn’t get here without effort, resilience, openness, a willingness to push boundaries and, most of all, awareness. Like most of us, my quest was nonlinear and riddled with key, often difficult moments that I only later recognized as pivotal.


Throughout it all—including 17 years working for a luxury automotive brand—I have been motivated by a strong desire to push boundaries and revolt against any kind of normalcy. It wasn’t until 2014, however, that I uncovered how best to channel that desire. 


I invested in a coaching certification that changed the course of my life. I wanted to share the gospel of my newfound insight with colleagues. I passionately believed they needed to understand what I now did and began developing training content into my presentations to share in dealerships across the country. 


In 2016, I lost my brother in a car accident—the first time I’d experienced real tragedy. While I would go back in time and prevent what happened if I could, this experience is now a painful part of my journey. When my brother passed, I delve deeper into meditation, I was gifted with the understanding that it is possible to look for and find meaning in pain. For me, that meaning is being able to relate to people on a new level.


Over the next year, I took one of the biggest risks of my life and left the company I grew up in to start Shift Awake Group. My hope was to change an industry riddled with negativity. What I know now is that I used the industry as a crutch, because I knew the landscape.


Fast forward, COVID-19 struck and wiped away all of my business leaving me crushed and without income. The ultimate fear…failure was looking me stone cold in the face and I was paralyzed. As a single, professional female – the weight of the world felt like it was on my shoulders and I was forced to reinvent myself….again? 


What was one of the biggest disappointments in my career actually shone a light on whom I’m here to help. 


Today, I am grateful to be living my purpose: helping the independent, professional woman stop pretending, so in turn, she can live her purpose.