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 Awaken to Shift

I was feeling the lowest I've felt, maybe ever. Darkness swirling around me, I heard the thought, "You should just walk in front of that car. What's your purpose anyway? At least you would finally find peace."

That thought happened a short time ago. It was as if I finally understood how people can get to the point of wanting to end it all, yet this voice was foreign to me. It was not "of me" but of the pain of uncertainty and the fear of the unknown.

It was a voice I wanted to listen to because it was the easy way out.

Yet, I'm a pussy when it comes to physical pain. Even though that voice covered me like a warm blanket, somewhere deep inside of me I knew I had to complete this journey on earth. 

Needless to say, I didn't listen to that voice. I decided to write through my pain and move out of the darkness and Awaken to Shift