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My Story

Let's face it, as a single, professional female, I'm used to putting on a brave face. It began when I left my house at 17, to when I left my corporate career after 17 years to launch my business. At the time, everything seemed fine

I had clients, money was consistent and I was living across from the most amazing city in the world. If everything was fine, why did I feel so empty?

I knew the automotive industry, yet I couldn't shake this feeling of resistance around my work. Until March 2020, when all that I was moving towards was wiped away.

I did not expect to find a blessing through the pain. I realized I was chasing the opposite direction of where I was meant to be. 

It brought me to my purpose. 



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Career Coaching
Career Coaching

6 Gears to Shift Your Career to Personal Freedom

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Are you tired of your career? You’re frustrated that you have been settling for mediocre and it's time to make a change!

This program is designed for the independent woman that is ready to level up into the next version of herself, by shifting out of stubborn beliefs and into a life of purpose.


Are You In Career Conflict?

If you feel stuck in the hustle and totally unsatisfied, the chances are high!'s not normal to be anxious every time you open up your laptop or go into the office. If you are ready to look at your career conflict in the face, click below to get my guide on how to resolve conflict and find career freedom.

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