Do You Have A Hard Choice To Make?

The sun has set and the sounds of the trees swaying and the dogs barking signal evening is here.

As I ate dinner on my patio tonight, accompanied by candlelight and a cool breeze, I was overcome once again with gratitude.

Not too long ago, I was living in a world riddled with anxiety, uncertainty and frustration. I was struggling to fit in a box that I created for myself. One that required me to look a certain way, acquire physical belongings and identify with a person that was counterintuitive to my inner being.

This self-imposed pressure led to overcommitting myself with the apartment I lived in, the clothes I wore and the bags I carried, in order to match up with this person I thought I needed to be to gain credibility in this world.

I didn't know it in the moment.

I was reacting versus responding to my environment.

In my quest to find my purpose, I had to hit my version of rock bottom. I had to wipe it all away both physically and mentally to see clearly.

And, what I see is how beautiful life can be if only you are willing to make the hard choices.

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