Extreme Focus Equals Extreme Results

After 14 hours of writing, there is sweet gratification on the other side.

If you've ever sat to write for this long, you can empathize with an achy back from arching over a computer, squinty eyes from staring at a screen or cramps in your neck from the intensity of creating.

Yes, the body responds to focus and it usually isn't pleasant.

What is pleasant is the productivity generated from extreme focus.

In 14 hours, I wrote a new 10 page e-book for women using Microsoft Word. I designed the book in Canva which turned it into 32 pages. I designed a lead magnet landing page in ConvertKit and added it to my website on Wix. Oh, and now throw in writing this blog.

In my old life, this would have taken weeks for me to bring to fruition. My attention was so diversified that it was challenging to see a project to completion.

A few quotes that come to mind, that I've often used, but seem more impactful today:

"What you put your attention on grows."

"If you focus on everything, you focus on nothing."

Today was a lesson in extreme focus and I'm better because of it.

And, to my ladies out there who are tired of experiencing conflict in your career, the e-book is on its way to you soon!

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