I Job Crafted And Didn't Even Know It

I know that sounds like an intergalactic exploration, but it’s quite the contrary.

I learned that I job crafted after a deep dive into Angela Duckworth’s book, "Grit."

Angela shares the concept introduced by Amy Wrezniweski. She calls it "Job Crafting" which is the ability to craft your job into what you want, by adding or deleting responsibilities to capitalize on your strengths.

The goal of job crafting is to create a more fulfilling role that otherwise, you may have quit.

I didn’t know it until after the fact, but in 2016 I did exactly this in my role.

After 2 years of coaching experience under my belt, my desire to share my newfound knowledge kept gnawing at my core. Looking back, I realize this was just my inner purpose ready to break free.

What I didn't expect is that once I had an inkling of what I was called here to do, it resulted in a feeling of dissatisfaction in my role. I noticed that I no longer was happy walking into the office every day and this was a first for me. The reality was I wasn't ready to leave the company.

I had to get creative.

How could I connect my purpose with my work?

I decided to use the data I had available to me and found a problem that required a solution.

The caveat - I had to convince our leadership that the problem was worth paying attention to and that I was the person to fix it.

I went to the Executive Board and to my surprise - they approved the project.

What happened next was an infusion of passion, excitement and energy that reversed the disengagement in my role. I was once again excited to wake up in the morning.

In the past, I wouldn't have risked being laughed at or worse, thrown out of the boardroom.

This is the benefit of coaching and doing the inner work first.

I pushed past my own limiting beliefs and in turn boldly walked into job crafting a role that fulfilled me and kept me with the company.

Consider for yourself, what would it look like if you crafted a role to tap into your purpose?

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