Is It Time to Silence Your Voice?

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Every time I looked at the calendar, I felt a little anxious. A silent clock, ticking away as if my days were numbered.

I finally found what I've been dreaming of and why did I think it had to slip away?

Pulling myself back to the present moment, I felt the breeze counter the heat of the sun. I heard the waves crashing and the hum of boats passing. I saw the seagulls flying and milky clouds move as if they were on the run.

And, I paused.

What's stopping me from having it all?

It's a voice.

It seems to hide in the dark, until I begin to see the light.

As if on cue, it attempts to cloak my light in outdated programming.

On that day, I responded differently to this voice.

I dug my feet deep in the sand and held my arms up and out to the side. I closed my eyes and breathed in deep.

It was time I accepted the freedom and fun that I created.

And, since I'm a creator - nothing has to end.

What would you create more of in your life if you silenced "the voice"?

Are you ready to find freedom in a career you create?

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