My Body Took a Time Out

You know the feeling.

You just can't seem to get motivated. You're tired and can't even formulate a productive thought. The idea of writing content, meeting a deadline, or devising a strategy makes you want to crawl into bed and pull the covers up over your head.

When you're used to grinding out your day, these "slow it down" feelings inevitably cause pangs of guilt to wash over you. You tell yourself, "I can't rest. I have so much to do."

This is why I never stop.

The "I have so much to do" message replays in my mind like my favorite Spotify song. The guilt of stopping is so much stronger than the message my body sends me and I keep pushing through the intuitive hit to stop and sleep.

But the body is smarter than you and me.

If I don't listen to the first cues to rest, my body takes me out a different way. A cold, a headache, or a pain in my lower back. It makes sure that I listen, even if it has to take a more constructive approach with me.

Yesterday, my body needed a time out and I decided to pay attention.

And, so, I took a nap.

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