My Driver and The Stolen Phone

In the time that it takes me to get to any of my destinations in Jersey, it took to cross the entire island of Aruba.

On my grand tour across the country, I'm quite sure my driver, John knows every person here. His beaming bright smile greets everyone as if they are his best friend. It makes traveling with him that much more enjoyable.

Today, we stopped to take a photo in front of the infamous I love Aruba sign and a couple had beat us to it. John offered to take a photo of both of them. Excited, they both jumped in front of the sign as John clicked away.

As the photo shoot commenced, they started walking towards us. John looks at me and then takes off running with the guy's phone.

I'm stuck in my tracks!

I am so confused, as I think, "Is John taking this guy's phone?"

The couple look at me, their eyes wide and as if waiting for a cue to let them know this is all a joke!

Stopping and laughing John says, "No, no, no - it's ok! I was just joking."

There was a sign of sweet relief from this couple and from me!!

Then they offered to take our picture. The result, luckily, I still have my phone.

Would you have given them your phone after that incident?

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