My Friend the Computer...or is it?

The life of an entrepreneur isn't a Monday - Friday gig.

When living alone, there is no outside pressure and no such thing as a weekend, especially when you're building something new. If you want to sit in front of your computer for 12 hours with momentary food and bathroom breaks, you can. And, I did this often. A pro includes the ability to really focus and get a lot accomplished. A con is that you live a life that feels a lot like solitary confinement. This burden was super heavy during the middle of lockdown in Jersey. I would often hope that my Seamless delivery person would use their Ninja-like skills to slither past the concierge, scale the elevator and accidentally deliver food to my 32nd floor apartment, just so I could have a conversation with a human being. Just in case you're wondering, that never happened.

Today, I experienced something new. I was no longer alone. Even though I was given plenty of privacy to work without any pressure, I really wanted to do something else.

I wanted to play with my friends.

Is it possible that life in front of a computer makes Jacqueline a dull girl? I guess this is another lesson presented as I begin my new journey.

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