Stop Playing Double-Dutch with Your Daily Rituals

If I am honest with myself, there is really only one non-negotiable ritual in my life.

It is the fact that I work out (almost) daily. No if's, and's or but's about it. I would love to tell you that I also wake up early, meditate, eat healthy, read, write in my journal, get out into nature, and speak my affirmations as part of my daily rituals too. But, that would be a lie.

I promise you, I have the best intentions for my daily practices.

I even have an app! It's true. I so desperately want to create new habits that I downloaded an app. It is called Habitify for those of you that would like to do the same. It allows me to track all of the habits that I want to cultivate, plus take notes of what I did. The downfall....I have 15 daily rituals I want to achieve. Inevitably, I'll rock out all 12-15 habits maybe 3 days in a row and then life swoops in and screws it all up. I'll fall short another 7 days and then pick them back up again. This leaves me feeling bummed out, because the memory of the satisfied high-achiever in me wants to do it all.

I've always been on a mission to prove that I can do it all, minus having a family.

I never actually wanted the kids, but the husband - I'm still taking applications. Outside of those facets of my life, every year I've layered on new projects, skills and daily rituals. I guess I like trying things on, almost like I would a new pair of shoes. Do they fit? Are they comfortable to walk in all day? And most importantly, do they look hot on? If any of those three facets didn't work for me, I wouldn't buy the damn shoes. So why would I try to double-dutch a new habit into my daily life, just because I read it in a book somewhere?

Let's face it. We all do it.

How do you know what ritual or habit to keep? I think this changes depending on what you want to create for yourself.

Right now, I do know that there is something I feel strongly about achieving and it's through this blog. By writing, I'm cultivating a new habit that doesn't require me to tick the box in an app. It does require me to communicate with all of you. In doing so, there's a level of accountability which is quite powerful.

Last night, I almost talked myself out of writing, because it's the weekend.

I recognized that voice! It was the one trying to justify inaction as action. It was the voice of resistance; the same one that has stolen other accomplishments away from me over the years. This voice attempted to block me from sharing my story. Who do you think won this battle last night? Me or the voice in my head?

If you're curious, read yesterday's blog to find out.

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