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Today, Dani saved my life!

My move out of the city and into the suburbs began the start of my morning walk.

My walk has been something I look forward to every morning. It not only gives me a chance to appreciate the birds (and most recently roosters, dogs and cats); it is where I practice elevating my awareness.

Awareness is a skill. It is the place where we own our thoughts, emotions and actions.

The more I practice crafting what I think, the more I cultivate how I want to feel and subsequently take actions to get me there. This requires a level of ownership that makes many people uncomfortable. Not because of the skill necessary, but because of the heavy lifting required to shatter life-long belief systems.

Have you ever believed that you were at the mercy of your circumstances?

You're not alone.

Until I learned what I'm sharing with you, I felt the same way. At times out of control and angry about what was "happening" to me. It wasn't until I began to peel back the layers of my beliefs, that I began to see that it all started with a thought. A belief is just a thought that we think over and over again.

Today, as I returned from my walk, I got myself ready to work from the pool.

In my apartment, there is a sliding door between the kitchen and the bedroom. The only time I close and lock this door is when I go to bed, so the key remains in the side where I have my bedroom. This morning, my American whirling dervish side, swiftly closed the sliding door to my room, and as if in slow motion the door slammed shut and then I heard it.....CLICK! I stood there for a second, as I realized what I did.

I pulled the door hoping that it wasn't what I thought...and it was...the door was locked!

Not exactly aware in that moment, now was I?

I text Dani, the property manager. She is the kindest soul and has helped me integrate into my new space. Dani comes over with all of her by one...nothing. She tells me, "It's ok, I will get into the apartment."

I went to the pool to give her space to figure out how to fix the problem I created.

As I'm sitting outside, I hear, but don't see what is happening behind me. After only a few moments she said, "I got into the apartment." I asked her how and she said, "I climbed through the window." I'm thinking the big window by my room, but I was wrong. She managed to climb through the top window to the bathroom, which is the size of a postage stamp.

She walked past me and with a big smile said, "Dani saved your life today!"

Smiling, I agreed! She certainly did save me, because we all know I wasn't about to squeeze my body through that window. The lesson for me, I think I'll keep working on my Awareness practice.

Unless I can bring Dani with me back to the states to help save me there too!

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