The Night I Met Angie

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Proudly, I've been making most of my food at home and my bikini is grateful because of it!

But after a long day of sightseeing, I didn’t have the energy to cook.

Google saved the day. I read some reviews and decided to take the short walk to a local Lebanese restaurant.

When I walked in, there was a young lady sitting there and women working behind the counter. I asked if I should put on my mask, but no one was there and they concurred that I didn't have to while I ate. Even though the island makes you submit a negative COVID test before you arrive, everyone wears a mask (except at the beach), similar to the states.

I picked a table, while making sure I was honoring the 6 feet rule and sat down. The young lady across from me smiled brightly and I was immediately connected to her. I didn’t know why, but all I can write is that I felt happy being there around her. We both made a little bit of small talk and the ladies that worked there were also lovely and served me a perfect meal of hummus and lamb shish kabob.

As I was getting ready to leave, we finally sparked up a real conversation. One enlightening topic led to another and it was clear, this wasn't an average encounter, but one of divine intervention and purpose. We broke the 6 feet rule! She popped over to my table and offered to buy me a drink.

What was so special about this meeting?

Angie shared with me how she came to Aruba from Venezuela with a few hundred dollars in her pocket. Her desire to get out a war torn environment, also came with a hard decision to leave behind her family. Because she knew she could make a better life for herself here, she made the hard choices. Listening to her story, I felt she was an example of pure bravery.

As if we were in a ping pong match, we continued our banter.

The energy between us was palpable, as we found one synergistic thing after another about each other.

  • When she found out where I was staying, she shared she had referred a dear friend to the exact Airbnb I'm staying at a few days prior.

  • COVID impacted her, in a similar way it did with me. She moved out of her apartment and in with a friend to conserve overhead and figure out what she wanted to do. In the meantime, she started selling masks! Insert my story, I too got out of my expensive apartment and started a PPE division, where masks have been our number 1 seller.

  • This one really blew my mind. As I've been doing here, she's been taking the time to write. Her topic of choice is about a philosophy on clothing and how it is a way people build their identity and share who they are from the inside out. I shared with her that in 2005 (when I was her age), my MFA thesis was virtually the SAME philosophy. I wrote about clothing being a way people attract or repel by what they choose to reveal or conceal. All of my paintings reflected my thesis, which of course I had to show her.

We laughed as we discovered we had both wanted to start talking earlier, but didn't want to bother the other.

Not only did we have a ton of similar experiences, but we connected on a spiritual and emotional level. We explored how we have always been willing to do the work to become better versions of ourselves. We talked about pain and how the hard moments in life brought us to the moment we are in now. We shared about music and the people we follow to keep us in alignment.

She told me, earlier that day she had prayed for a sign of strength and then I walked into the restaurant.

Honored I was her sign, she taught me something too.

She recently honored the time she felt she needed for herself. It resulted in her saying yes to surrender, to allow and to be still in the moment.

As the words were coming out of her mouth, I knew this was a message for me. I am often so caught up in the doing, that I forget the importance of being.

The encounter between Angie from Venezuela and Jacqueline from New Jersey was not by happenstance. What I have learned throughout my life is to listen to my intuition. It knows the direction I’m supposed to go.

No matter which way I turn, I’m on the right path.

How often do you listen to your intuition?

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