The Thrill of the Sale

It's officially been 5 days since I've been in my new space.

My new space consists of my bestie, her hubby and their 17 year old daughter. My friends were on a mini-vaca on my move in day. This actually worked out really well because as the words came rolling out of my mouth, "I'm only bringing a few things." The three car trips it took would tell you that statement was false.

I'm curious.

If you knew you were going on an indefinite trip and had to leave all of your things in storage - what would you bring with you?

This question alone perplexed me for weeks as I packed up my house. I finally got to the point that if I had not worn a piece of clothing within a year, I took the Oprah rule of thumb and decided to get rid of it. My choices were to either give it away or sell it on Poshmark. Lucky for me, my new "roommate" has a savvy online selling profile and is going to school me on the best way to unleash my wardrobe to the wild.

After deciding to sell some furniture, I took a gamble on Facebook Marketplace and before I knew it, I was looking around my apartment to figure out what else I could sell.

If you've never sold anything online, there is something so gratifying about the thrill of the sale. 1) The bite. When someone shows interest. It's kind of like a cat batting at a mouse with its paw for play. At times, I wasn't sure if I was the cat or the mouse. 2) The offer. So often a prospect comes in way too low, but you know you still remain in the power seat. You have what they want. 3) The negotiation. "Ok, I see your offer, but if you give me "x" I will let you steal this from me." Knowing the whole time that you'll take whatever you can get for your once beloved piece of furniture or clothing. 4) The deal. Sweet baby Jesus, I made a sale. This usually comes with a happy dance and a Jersey style fist pump in the air. 5) The exchange. Don't forget, you now have to meet this person who jumped at the chance to take your once coveted chair, now known as your crap. (I actually did say that to someone. "Thanks for taking my crap." Not exactly a great ending to the client experience Jacqueline.)

The last customer at my {said in a loud booming commercial style voice}, "Jersey City Apartment Sale Extravaganza", I met outside. She was in a van with what appeared to be most of her family. The sweetest woman ever. She would send God's grace upon me every time we messaged. Don't let that pleasant demeanor fool you, she was a crafty one though. She gave me a price for my mixer and she stood firm. I was already beat down from days of packing and said, "Sure. You've got yourself a deal." When I finally met her she said, "My daughter is going to be so thrilled with this. Thank you so much for selling this to me."

And it hit me, one woman's trash is another woman's treasure.

What will her daughter get to do now with access to this new treasure? I'll never know, but what I felt in that moment was the opportunity to be of service. Serving others comes in all shapes and sizes. Having the chance to witness her face light up with possibility, was worth every penny I didn't negotiate out of her.

But, to all my ladies on Poshmark, get ready - the bitch is back & ready to mingle.

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