This Started As A Thanksgiving Post

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

I have been asked by many, "What are you doing for Thanksgiving this year?"

I find the holidays are always an interesting time for me, since I've spent many of them alone.

When everyone else is gathering, I've entertained myself and have learned to accept that my life experience is different than most.

Often I find it's hard for others to relate to what it's like to be solo. I've become accustomed to the apologetic tone in someone's voice as I share my plans, or lack there of for an upcoming holiday.

In turn, I've looked to myself to be my own champion and confidant.

That is not because I'm without the love of friends and family, it is because this is how I've taught myself to survive in a world that caters to a two-some life experience.

It is more noticeable now than ever as I roam an island created for lovers and families.

My singleness is staring me in my face and, wow is it loud!

So loud, that it paralyzed me over the weekend.

I felt stuck, until I stopped, breathed and remembered who I am.

I am the woman who asked for this experience.

I sought out the quiet. I asked for the sound of the ocean and the feeling of the warm water. I found what I was searching for in this home away from home.

Now, as I started what I thought was an article about Thanksgiving, I realized that I'm ready to be open for something different next time.

Perhaps that singleness mindset that brought me here is now ready to make the shift.

What would it be like to share these experiences alongside a partner? I honestly don't know the answer anymore, but I believe I am ready to find out.

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