What Environment Makes You Thrive?

I let my eyes open on their clock this morning.

Once I remembered where I was, a wave of excitement washed over me with anticipation of my day.

Only to be met with rain.

That didn't stop me...instead I ventured to the California Lighthouse, took two walks on the beach, sunbathed at the pool, read a book, four conference calls, emails, an evening swim in the pool, cooked my first dinner in Aruba and took four showers to ensure those I encountered didn't pass out next to me.

What is it about my new environment that created such productivity?

Yes, I may be in a new land with a desire to explore, but more importantly I know myself. I come alive in the sun! The weather alone gives me a shot of energy, coupled with the close proximity of a beach and magic happens.

Since 2008, I held back on moving to a location that better suited my creativity, because I thought I was supposed to be close to New York City. In my mind, it was as if I had "made it" in my career.

What was once a belief that defined my choices, I now realize was just a perception.

I've decided to create a new belief.

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