What Holds You Up When You're Spinning?

I looked up and saw it twirling against the bright blue sky, just like the tops I used to play with on the ground as a kid.

In mid-air, this leaf spinning in place, yet moving nowhere. It was as if it was held up by an invisible force. I paused for a moment. Was I witnessing some blip in the matrix? A few seconds went by and I continued on with my walk.

The image of the leaf still in my thoughts.

"It belongs on a tree," I thought as I took another step. The same tree that grew it and gave it life. The natural place for this leaf to be is attached; surrounded by the other leaves.

Yet, there comes a time when the attachment is gone…whether it be a storm, the wind or a change of season. Today, this leaf detached from its safe space and instead of falling to the ground – it whirled around in place.

What held up this leaf?

No longer attached, but still high in the sky. I've experienced that with detachment comes awareness. Even though I may feel like I'm spinning, the force that is holding me up is powerful.

These lessons are all around me, I just have to keep my eyes open.

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