Original Paintings by Jacqueline

Have you ever been lost in a passion project, where time is irrelevant? You are consumed by a feeling of complete joy as you create and honor your talent. When I paint, I come alive. I was given this gift at an early age and even chose to obtain a Master of Fine Art degree, which brought me to Italy to study.

Over the years, I put my painting on the backseat. It became something I did when I had time. In my pursuit to help other women unveil their secret passions, it is time I honor mine. 

When you bring your whole self to the process, 

freedom awaits.


New Year! New Word!

My Word

Several years ago, I began choosing a word every December that I wanted to use as my North Star for the upcoming New Year. I would sit on the floor and draw, paint and create mages that embodied my selected word. 

New Year's Eve 2019 was no different. Little did I realize, it would be one of the most powerful years for doing this exercise. I drew out the words "Fun and Freedom" and proceeded to decorate my poster board with painted palm trees, the ocean and tropical sunsets.


What I soon realized is that I set a powerful manifesting wave in motion. It just came in a package I had not expected.

After experiencing what it's been like to hear the ocean daily and feel the sun.

As 2021 approaches us, I want to help you do the same! 



Original Artwork